Submission Guidelines

Arushi Publications invites submissions of unsolicited fiction and general non-fiction works in the English language. We do not publish textbooks, scientific, or technical books, so please refrain from submitting works falling within these categories, as they will not be considered for publication.

To submit your proposal, kindly email a soft copy to Your proposal should include the following documents:

1. A detailed chapter-wise synopsis of your work.
2. Any three sample chapters that you believe showcase your writing effectively.
3. A comprehensive write-up about the author/s.
4. A concept note elucidating your target audience, comparative titles, unique selling points, and word count.
5. Any other relevant documents you consider important at this stage.

Do not send the full manuscript at this initial stage. Our editorial team will review the proposal and respond within 4-6 weeks of receiving it, regardless of the decision. Each proposal will be addressed individually, and while we discourage multiple reminders, rest assured that every submission will be acknowledged.

It is essential to note that the acceptance or rejection of your proposal rests solely with Arushi Publications. If your submission is declined, we may not provide a specific reason for the decision. Please refrain from contacting us via phone, fax, email, or mail during the evaluation process. We will initiate contact if further discussion is warranted.

Should your submission be rejected, please refrain from resubmitting, as it will not be reconsidered. Keep a copy of your work, as Arushi Publications is not liable for any loss or damage to submitted materials. Submissions will not be returned, regardless of acceptance or rejection; any declined submissions will be disposed of without further communication.

If we express interest in your proposal, we may request additional material, but this does not imply automatic acceptance for publication. Formal acceptance will be notified, and terms and contracts will be discussed and signed. Until then, Arushi Publications assumes no liability for your proposal or manuscript.

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